Musang King Durian – a Premium Crop that Last for Decades


Acres of land
(equivalent to 6440 football fields)


Musang King trees


Metric tonne per year




Revenue per year
(US $1.5b)

upon full cultivation of Sindiyan’s land with Musang King Durian trees

About Sindiyan

We are committed to sustainably developing an agribusiness with positive ecological and socio-economic development.

Sindiyan Group is a plantation company whose specialty is providing sustainable agricultural, agroforestry, food manufacturing, and related services. We own 9,588 acres of private land in Lojing Highlands, Gua Musang, Kelantan and successfully planted nearly 100,000 Musang King durian trees within 3,000 acres of land. We are creating a plantation integrated with agriculture and eco-tourism, transforming into an internationally renowned Musang King Durian Eco Park that brings positive ecological and socio-economic development.

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Why Sindiyan?

Competitive Advantages


Owns 9,588 acres of private land in Lojing Highlands, Gua Musang, Kelantan, a location with a slightly more than half an hour’s drive from Cameron Highlands.

Ideal Geographical Condition

The land has the ideal conditions for durian plantation - sloping topography, soils with pH between 5 - 6.5, tropical climate with constant rainfall and sunlight, and a temperature between 20-35°C.

Plentiful of Water

Adequate natural pristine water sources from the Titiwangsa mountains. Man-made lakes and strategically located water tanks with kilometres of piping to each durian tree ensure enough water supply to produce the highest quality of fruits.


The land is conveniently situated beside the main road that runs across tri-state of Pahang, Perak and Kelantan. It is also accessible by the Berok River that flows through the land and by air using helicopters.


Successfully planted 100,000 Musang King durian trees within 3,000 acres of land, with expected harvest coming soon in 2020. Other crops are also growing satisfactorily and have undergone harvest.

Organic Farming

Adopt organic farming methodology i.e.: natural weed control and use of organic fertiliser and enzymes to reduce use of pesticides.

Beautiful & Blessed

Beautiful environment and location with natural waterfall, rivers and hilly topography which is suitable for close-to-nature and outdoor activities.

Unmatched Experience

Over 40 years of end-to-end in-depth knowledge in cultivating and managing productive plantation and have completed over RM600 mil worth of projects in the past.

Our Team

Talents with Multitude of Expertise

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