Director's Words

Having been in the plantation industry for more than 40 years, I have come across numerous good quality plots and tracts of land. However, nothing compares to this location, which is uniquely blessed and endowed with great beauty and fertility. Thus, my goal is to create a paradise of comfort, freshness and relaxation; a place where people can experience a new way of life in the very heartland of the “Mao Shan Wang” durian itself, Sindiyan.

Che Chong Ha

Executive Director

About Us


Sindiyan Group is a plantation company whose specialty is providing sustainable agricultural, agroforestry, food manufacturing, and related services. We own 9,588 acres of private land in Lojing Highlands, Gua Musang, Kelantan and successfully planted nearly 100,000 Musang King durian trees within 3,000 acres of land. We are creating a plantation integrated with agriculture and eco-tourism, transforming into an internationally renowned Musang King Durian Eco Park that brings positive ecological and socio-economic development.

Our company is led by a group of seasoned experts with superior business and technical know-how in durian plantation, harvest and management. Since 1978, the directors and senior managers of the company have been involving in various plantation businesses such as palm oil, rubber, eucalyptus and many more. We had completed land development projects worth more than RM600 mil for FELDA, FELCRA, RISDA, LKPP, Tabung Haji and other reputable estates.

We live our passions and devote our resources towards ensuring ethics and sustainability in everything we do. Together with the skilled workforce and seasoned managers, we now embark on a development comprising of not just plantation agriculture but a large-scale integrated ecotourism and property development aligned with the state and national agenda. This project is designed with strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility and nature preservation.

With over 40 years of end-to-end in-depth knowledge in cultivation and plantation management, we have vast experience in land reclamation, site administration, farm design, irrigation, cultivation, machinery management, fruits, vegetables and tree planting, fertiliser and pest control.

In this era of agriculture, we are committed to taking durian plantation to a new level – with proven grafting techniques, and modern farm care practice, alongside a planned ecotourism park. Our vision extends to a fully integrated plantation - from upstream production where we control the quality of our products, to midstream stage of manufacturing and processing fruits and vegetables related products, and to downstream retail chain of products distribution and services delivery to our consumers.

At Sindiyan Group, we consider our customers as our partners in the journey towards our vision. We call for like-minded Musang King Durian lovers to join us in Sindiyan, to build a sustainable foundation which the nation is proud of.

Our Land


Acres of Private Lands at
Lojing Highlands,
Gua Musang, Kelantan


Musang King Durian Trees
planted on 3,000 acres
of farmland


Acres will be planted with
300,000 Musang King Durian
trees by 2022

Sindiyan's Strengths

  • Owns 9,588 acres of private land in Lojing Highlands, Gua Musang.
  • Blessed with climate most conducive for durian cultivation.
  • Adequate natural water sources all year round.
  • Adopt organic farming methodology.
  • Conveniently accessible by transportation (beside main road) and strategically near famous tourist attractions.
  • Beautiful environment and location suitable for close-to-nature and outdoor activities.
  • Highly proficient team with more than 40 years of experience in plantation.
  • Successfully planted 100,000 Musang King durian trees within 3,000 acres of land.